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State-of-the-Art Facilities


Receiver Hardware

Our facilities use Sur-Gard receivers and line cards.

Our receivers can handle many formats including SIA, Contact ID and 4-2.

Our partners include;  DSC, Honewell/Ademco, M2M, iHelp,, Up-link, 2 Gig, Qolsys, Paradox, Connect 24, Videofied.

Telephone System

Our telephone system is latest in technology that includes call recording and tracks a variety of call tracking metrics.

Backup Power System

All critical systems are back up with a minimum of 24 hours uninterrupted power supplies.


Internet Back Bone

We use the latest version fiber network with a fully redundant LTE Cellular Backup system. Our internet back bone is monitored continuously to ensure no disruption in service.

Back Up Station

Our primary station is fully redundant as we keep and maintain a separate back up station.

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